Founding Members

Our vision was to design a global training method which will create opportunities for dancers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds to dance Flamenco.

Dame Hazel Acosta
Linda Vargas
Lina Dolores Vega

Board of Directors

We aim to build a strong united and inclusive global Flamenco community where members collaborate and support each other.

Juana Vargas
Julia Bonegio
Teresa Morena
Syllabus Coordination Committee (SCC)

The Syllabus Coordination Committee consists of a panel of experts within the organization. These members are also active teachers who have collaboratively constructed the syllabus through their combined proficiency in the art of Flamenco.

The designers of the syllabus have all had experience studying and dancing in Spain. Since Flamenco is an art form that is constantly evolving, these members are avidly dedicated to the organization’s ongoing update and development of the syllabus by aligning its teachings with up-to-date trends in Spain. All assessors ensure the delivery of training to the teachers within Alianza.

Our SCC includes Julia Bonegio (Chair), Carlos, Juana Vargas, Linda Vargas and Teresa Morena.

Alianza Flamenca is run by a an active Management Committee which is the heartbeat of our organization. All committee members work strictly on a volunteer basis – both in their time and expertise. Each member of the committee is responsible for a specific portfolio. These jointly contribute to the successful running of the organization. They work tirelessly to plan and set up fundraising events, promote and expose the art form and ensure resources are available to student, teacher and aficionado members. Newsletters are published regularly in order to keep the community informed about the organization’s developments, upcoming projects and newsworthy international trends in Flamenco.

Our current members include Alexandra Le Maitre (Chair | MC Secretary), Hildegard Lombard (Treasurer), Rosana Maya (Vice Chair), Julia Bonegio, Teresa Galan, Mireille Lenferna, Nicolene Mausenbaum and Ingrid Sciberras.

The Management Committee

In 2017, an outreach programme was included as an important and meaningful portfolio within the organisation.