student curriculum & assessment

Syllabus creation and
ongoing development is
key to the sustained growth
of Flamenco.

Our approach to Flamenco is with respect, humility and reverence for the art form. We have designed a progressive syllabus for teachers and students across the globe. We include the many techniques, styles and emotions of the various rhythms, encouraging freedom of self-expression within the framework of the syllabus.

This training method has been developed to standardize the teaching and practice of the syllabus. Each level of study builds upon the next until a comprehensive understanding is achieved. The basic levels equip our students with a sound knowledge of all the rhythms and techniques, which will enable them to participate in master classes with the maestros of Flamenco. We make it our mission to keep up to date with evolving Flamenco trends and offer our teachers and students refresher courses with updates to our syllabus.


Assessment ensures that our
students receive training
that meets global standards.

Our assessment approach is not tied to a numeric marking system. Once a level has been successfully completed, the learner may choose to be assessed on proficient syllabus demonstration, after which a diploma is awarded. This allows students, no matter what their ability, to achieve their own personal best.

Annual assessments of dance centers take place either in person or online. After students have successfully completed courses up to an intermediate – advanced level, they are then equipped to participate in master classes and audition for dance companies. For those who wish to further their Flamenco careers as teachers, there are two teaching assessments.

Our panel of assessors formulate the Assessment Policies applicable to assessors and teachers. Assessors are also responsible for the professional development of teachers. The esteemed Alianza assessors include Carlos (South Africa), Cristina Argyri (Australia), Juana Vargas (South Africa), Julia Bonegio (South Africa), Linda Vargas (South Africa), Rosana Maya (South Africa) and Teresa Morena (South Africa)

Fundraising & Events

Alianza Flamenca has staged various showcases, not only to celebrate its growth through more than two decades, but as a means of reaching out to and inspiring the community at large.




A number of fundraising events are held annually and organised by the members of the Management Committee. 

The proceeds of these events not only help to sustain the running costs of the organisation, but also enable Alianza to make an international standard of Flamenco accessible to its members by inviting maestros from Spain to give master classes.


Learning from the Best

Since the inception of Alianza, we have been privileged to study with world-renowned guest artists such as Manolo Marin, La Tati, Domingo Ortega, Carmela Greco, Inmaculada Ortega, La Truco, Leonor Leal, María del Mar Moreno, Isaac de los Reyes and others.

The range of courses offered focus on the cante (singing), baile (dance) and guitarra (guitar). These courses have contributed significantly to maintaining an exemplary standard of dancing and teaching within the organization. There are also many teachers within the organization whose levels of knowledge and experience are such that they too are invited to give master classes, which inspire students and teachers. Among these are Linda Vargas, Rosana Maya, Ndumiso (Faya) Tafeni and Ramon Fernandez.